Seven Simple Steps to a Term Life Insurance Policy

  • Apr-22-2011
  • Richard Reich

Purchasing a life insurance policy can be a difficult task, so we have simplified our process to make it easy for anyone to purchase term life insurance policy.

Just follow these seven simple steps:

  1. Start by reviewing the website (or if you are ready to get a quote, skip to step 2) – Learn about the types of life insurance policies, how insurance works, how much insurance you should have and more.

  2. Comparison shop – Use the Term Life Insurance Quote Engine to evaluate multiple term life insurance quotes.  We recommend selecting the lowest cost A-Rated (or higher) company.

  3. Apply for a policy to see if you qualify – Make a request to apply for insurance (the button right next to the quote you like where it says Request an Application. One of our advisors will contact you to begin the application process.

  4. You’ll get the paperwork you need – We’ll schedule your medical exam (as required by the insurance company)  and mail or email you your application.

  5. Physical Exam – The insurance company’s examiner will contact you to confirm the appointment time for your insurance exam. This exam may be done at your place of work or at your home.  It is performed by a paramedic, a nurse or sometimes by an M.D. There’s no charge to you. The cost is absorbed by the life insurance company.  In most cases, the examiner will collect your application and forward it to the insurance company for processing.

  6. Underwriting Process – (Definition: Underwriting is the process of evaluating whether to accept someone for insurance and at what rate) The life insurance company reviews your application before issuing your policy. This typically takes 4-6 weeks from the time of your exam.

  7. Approval – As soon as you are approved by the insurance company, we send you your policy. You confirm that you’ve received it and send the first premium back to us.  You are now insured.

We will work with you during the whole process to make sure it goes smoothly.  We are your liaison to the insurance company

How to start: Just click above for the type of policy you want to quote or call us toll free at 866-691-0100 and we’ll do the quoting for you.

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