Accidental Death Insurance

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No one can predict the future, but anyone can help financially protect their family if a fatal accident happens.

What is Accidental Death Insurance?

Accidental death insurance is a special type of insurance that helps protect your family if something unexpected happens to you, like a serious accident. It is also called accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance because some policies cover both accidental death and severe injuries that may happen in an accident.

Here's what Accidental Death Insurance Does

It’s important to remember that accidental death insurance is different from regular life insurance. Regular life insurance covers you if you pass away from any cause, while accidental death insurance only covers you if you pass away or get seriously hurt in an accident. Some people choose to have both types of insurance to make sure their families are protected in any situation.

Being Careful is Important but Accidents can Happen

There were 42,915 vehicle accident related deaths in 2021

In 2021, 175,500 accidental deaths occurred in U.S homes

There were 5,190 work-related deaths in the United States in 2021

Features & Benefits of Accidental Death Insurance

Benefits are paid in additional to life insurance

Your family or designated beneficiary will receive accidental death benefits directly. These benefits do not replace any life insurance or other compensation that your beneficiaries are entitled to. Instead, they are paid in addition to any other benefits you have established.

Quick and easy online application, coverage starts today!

There is no requirement for a medical examination. Once we have received your application, we will typically issue policies within two business days (often the same day), providing you with coverage.

Affordable optional disability income protection rider

Should an injury render you unable to work, the resulting loss of income may rapidly deplete your savings. However, the Accident Only Disability Income Rider provides an affordable option that can be purchased alongside your policy, guaranteeing an income in the event of total disability caused by an accident.

Who Should Consider buying Accidental Death Insurance?

Accidental death insurance is designed to provide financial protection to individuals and their families in the event of an accidental death. It can be a good option for anyone who wants an additional layer of financial security in case of an unforeseen accident.

Here are some groups of people who may consider buying accidental death insurance:

1. Breadwinners: If you’re the primary breadwinner of your family, accidental death insurance can help ensure that your family has enough financial support to cover expenses like mortgage payments, bills, and other daily expenses.

2.  Self-employed individuals: If you’re self-employed, you may not have access to the same benefits and protections as someone who works for an employer. Accidental death insurance can help provide some financial security in the event of an accident.

3. Individuals with dangerous jobs or hobbies: If you work in a high-risk occupation or engage in risky activities such as extreme sports, accidental death insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection for you and your loved ones.

4. Individuals who have been denied traditional life insurance: If you are uninsurable because of serious or multiple health issues and cannot afford guaranteed issue life insurance.

5. Parents of young children: If you have young children who depend on you financially, accidental death insurance can help provide for their needs if you were to die in an accident.

6. Anyone without adequate life insurance: If you don’t have sufficient life insurance coverage, accidental death insurance can help fill the gap and provide additional protection for your loved ones.

It’s important to note that accidental death insurance only covers death resulting from an accident and not from natural causes. It’s also a good idea to review your existing insurance coverage and consult with a financial professional to determine if accidental death insurance is right for you.

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