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How much does life insurance cost?


In our 25+ years as life insurance agents, we have often encountered a common misconception among consumers regarding the cost of term life insurance coverage. The 2019 Insurance Barometer Report sheds light on this prevalent issue, revealing that many individuals tend to overestimate the expenses associated with term life insurance. Surprisingly, over half of the population believes that the cost of a term life insurance policy is more than three times higher than it actually is.

Actual Real-Life Examples:

Jon, 30


10-year term life policy for $20 monthly

Mary, 50


10-year term life policy for $23 monthly

Jon, 30


15-year term life policy for $27 monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a spouse (or partner) and/or children that would suffer financially if you were to die, you need life insurance. There are others who need life insurance (e.g. business partners), but the main incentive to own life insurance always has been to ensure your loved ones will be taken care of financially should you die.
There are several methods of determining how much life insurance you need. One method is using the multiple of income method, using a multiplier of your income to determine the benefit amount. Between 25 and 35, we recommend 20-25 times your income; between 35- 50, multiply your income by 15; above 50, use a factor of 10. These are only general guides, as every situation will vary.

You can also use our calculator, which uses a different method. Ultimately, the cost will be a factor too, as you have to maintain the premium payments over time.

Now that you have determined how much you need, hopefully the insurance company will offer you that amount. Insurance companies use multipliers as described above and will not provide you with more coverage than they think you need, based on their formulas. There is some flexibility there, so if you have needs that exceed these formulas, your agent can help you “sell your case” to the underwriter.

No. We are paid a commission by the insurance company if we assist you with getting your policy in force

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You can get instant term life insurance quotes and universal life insurance quotes without speaking to an agent or submitting your personal contact information. You can also get quotes and learn about other types of coverage, such as whole life, indexed universal life (IUL), survivorship (second-to-die) life insurance, and disability insurance.

Access to instant life insurance quotes not only saves valuable time but also equips you with the necessary information to make an educated decision regarding your insurance coverage. Our technology allows you to explore various coverage options, premiums, and benefits from A-rated insurance companies effortlessly, ensuring you can secure the ideal protection for yourself and your loved ones. By simplifying the comparison process through a few clicks, you can navigate the insurance market with ease and confidence, eliminating the stress or sales pressure often associated with shopping for life insurance.

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