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    At Intramark Insurance, home of LifeInsure.com, our goal is to provide you with accurate instant life insurance quotes for highly-rated insurance companies.Our
    easy-to- use online quote engine allows you to compare term life insurance and universal life insurance quotes online instantly, without having to speak to an agent.

    However, if you do want to speak to a live professional, our licensed agents are available to answer your questions. The experts behind LifeInsure.com are licensed professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.


    Your privacy matters to us! Our instant life insurance quote tool is designed so that you are not required to divulge private, personal contact information in order to receive the quotes you are looking for. Other companies have quote engines that require your name, your contact information and other sensitive details before you can view the quotes. We don’t ask for that information unless you decide to apply for a policy.

    With honesty and integrity, we offer access to our database in a pressure-free manner. We will never sell or give your information to any other entity other than to those that require information for the application process. Only when you decide to apply for a policy will we ask for this information, as required as part of the life insurance application process.


    You’ll find that the information given with our life insurance quote tool is easy to understand, with quick and accurate details. Our system factors in criteria from insurance companies that underwriters use, so our quotes are the most accurate life insurance quotes available online.

    For tips, suggestions, and life insurance news, be sure to visit our Education Center. There, you’ll find valuable information that will help you understand life insurance options and help you to choose the best policies to suit your needs, your budget, and the needs of your family.

    No Personal Information Required for Quote

    We don’t ask for your personal contact information in order for you to have access to our database of life insurance quotes.

    Accurate Quotes

    Our Health Analyzer factors in underwriter criteria from the insurance companies, so our quotes are the most accurate available.

    Instant Quotes

    Compare quotes from multiple companies within seconds.

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