How much is your sales income worth to you? Whether you work on commission or salary, your life would most certainly be impacted greatly if you were to unexpectedly become injured or disabled. You might assume that since your job may not be overly stressful in the physical sense that you’ll always be able to work. Therefore, you may not see the need for salesperson disability insurance. Unfortunately, disability happens to many people in the field of sales, whether it’s back pain that is so unbearable they cannot get out of bed or it’s an illness that completely drains any energy they may have.

Are you going to be able to function at your job and maintain your income if you were to become disabled enough to cease traveling to meet clients? You may be setting yourself up for a nightmare if you become a sales professional who is suddenly unable to sell. The loss of income could be devastating – and something from which your family may never be able to recover. You owe it to yourself and your family to protect your income and future earnings with disability insurance for sales professionals.

Do You Really Need Disability Insurance as a Salesman?

Many people who find themselves injured or disabled are still able to work in some aspect, most often in a lesser capacity or in a less demanding field. As a sales professional, you likely need to maintain a high level of energy and effort on a daily basis in order to maintain your income. If you weren’t able to perform at that same high level after an illness or injury, what would you do? It’s not worth the risk – most people who become disabled are not facing total and complete disability but instead, are forced to work in a “lesser” career.

This is why you need disability insurance for sales people – and you’ll want a policy that includes a rider for residual disability income. This just means that even if you are found to be able to perform at a “lesser” job, you’ll still be entitled to benefits because it isn’t the job for which you’ve trained and worked at. The residual benefit ensures payments to you even if you’re able to work in a lesser capacity.

Own-Occupation Disability Insurance Coverage

Should you become partially or totally disabled, your ability to earn commissions and/or salary will be compromised. After putting so much into your career to build a profitable client following, you’ll want to protect your efforts, your education, your assets, and your family with salesperson disability insurance. Be sure to opt for “own occupation” disability insurance. This will pay you benefits even if you are able to work in a different career than the one for which you have trained. If you don’t get this option, you will be denied benefits if you work in another occupation. Own occupation insurance will pay out if you cannot work in your own occupation, even if you choose to work in another occupation.

The Recovery Rider

People often fail to consider what will happen once they are able to resume their normal work activities in their field, if they are able to. After considerable time away from your career, you most likely will need some time to rebuild your list of potential clients. Your commissions and income will probably still be less-than-average during this time – and if you have a recovery rider on your policy, you’ll be able to receive residual benefits paid to you even after you resume working for a time.

Choosing Disability Insurance for Sales Professionals

There is no way to predict what the future will bring, which is precisely why you owe it to yourself and your family to protect the income you work so hard to maintain. Be sure that you obtain a quotes from various insurance companies that include options and riders you need. The protection you gain from this policy will prove to be invaluable should you become disabled.

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