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Is a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy Right For You?


Final Expense Life Insurance is designed to pay for end-of-life expenses that everyone incurs upon passing. Generally, these expenses include funeral and burial costs, unpaid nursing home expenses, and medical bills that are not covered by health insurance.

Without a final expense policy, your surviving loved ones could be burdened with these expenses while waiting for your estate to be settled, even when there are sufficient assets available.


Final Expense Policy Features

Final Expense Policies are packed with all the features and benefits found in traditional whole life policies and they are quick and easy to purchase.


A wide range of Coverage Amounts

Since we represent multiple insurance companies that offer Final Expense Insurance, we can offer applicants coverage amounts from $2,500 to $50,000. This coverage will provide peace of mind knowing that surviving loved ones will inherit an estate rather than a bill from a funeral home, nursing home, or hospital.


Lifetime Coverage with Guaranteed Level Premiums

Your final expense insurance policy can never be canceled by the insurer as long as premiums are paid. And your monthly premium will never go up, even if you become critically ill and require full-time nursing care.


Policies Build Cash Value and Earn Tax-Deferred Interest

Over time your final expense policy will build cash value that you can access for any reason via policy loans, cash withdrawals, or surrender your policy for cash.


No Medical Exam

Final Expense Insurance policies are issued without the need for a medical exam, and since most policies are purchased by seniors, the underwriting guidelines are very liberal. Your policy can be issued in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.


Guaranteed Accepted Plans are Available when Needed

Applicants who apply with severe or multiple medical issues will be able to purchase a guaranteed issue policy. These policies were designed for applicants who cannot medically qualify for standard policies so there is no medical underwriting considered for a policy to be issued.

Since the insurance company is accepting an unknown medical risk, there is generally a two-year waiting period when the death benefit will be the sum of all premiums paid plus an additional 10%.


Choice of Beneficiaries

Rather than a funeral home getting the death benefit, you choose who gets the death benefit. A beneficiary can be any person or entity that has an insurable interest. You can name a family member, church, or charity, it’s your choice.


How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?


Over the years we have found that the average rate for final expense insurance is between $35 and $75 a month. Your rate will be based on your age, your health, coverage amount, and the type of policy you qualify for.

Certainly, applicants in their 50s who are healthy and do not smoke will get lower rates than applicants in their 70s with medical issues, but the good news is it’s almost never too late because we can offer affordable final expense insurance to applicants from 50 to 85 years of age.

However, it’s important to note that your cost for final expense insurance will never be less than what it costs today so fill out the quote form and click the GET QUOTES NOW button and let’s get started!


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