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For most people, determining how much life insurance one should have is not an easy task. Confronting the subject of death is difficult enough, but add to that the question, “How much is my life worth?” and you now have a subject that most folks would rather avoid. We have looked at many life insurance calculators that have line items for every family expense one can think of and multiply those expenses by an estimated time one would need income to support those expenses. While this is a great exercise, we have found the task to be too time-consuming for most people. This income-replacement approach has been used by many life insurance agents over the years and it’s fairly simple to use.
Life Insurance Calculator
Should a breadwinner die, the financial impact for dependents is the loss of the breadwinner’s income. The following will calculate the money needed for a replacement income.
1. Gross Annual Income Required by dependents:
2. Number of years this income will be required:
3. Estimate the interest rate:
4. Estimate the inflation rate:
The amount of life insurance needed to replace your annual income is:

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Get instant term life insurance quotes in just a few clicks. No personal information required.