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life insurance settlement options

When the named insured on a life insurance policy dies, the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) is eligible for the policy death benefit. Inside the life insurance policy, there are life insurance settlement options that pertain to the method in which the funds will be paid to the beneficiary. Normally, there are a … Continue reading What are Life Insurance Settlement Options?


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single premium whole life

The primary feature of life insurance is to influence funds to establish an estate that can provide for surviving loved ones or to leave behind something to an organization like a church or charity. Single Premium Whole Life (SPL) is a kind of life insurance in which a large sum … Continue reading What is Single Premium Whole Life Insurance


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Life Insurance Terms You Should Know   Just like with lawyers, members of the insurance industry use unfamiliar terms when they discuss the various products they represent. Not because they’re smarter than anyone else, it’s just the nature of the industry. Certainly, anytime you’re speaking with an agent, you can … Continue reading Life Insurance Terms You Should Know


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Minor Beneficiaries of Life Insurance Policy

Because we write a lot of life insurance for families with young children, this question comes up frequently. As you have purchased life insurance to protect your family’s financial future, it is important to ensure that your minor children are properly covered financially in the event of your death. If … Continue reading What if My Beneficiaries are Minors?