Infographic: How your health affects your life insurance policy

  • Oct-23-2015
  • Richard Reich, a full-service life insurance website, has recently published an infographic that highlights how your health and lifestyle choices can affect the cost of your life insurance policy. We’ve detailed a few of its points below, and encourage you to explore it further.


Younger people are typically in better physical condition than older folks, and having good health is one the most important factors in determining how much your life insurance policy will cost. Additionally, a life insurance policy is based on potential risk. To put it bluntly, an individual is less likely to die at the age of 30 than at age 60. Buying your policy at a younger age should qualify you for lower rates and save you money.


Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the Unites States. Therefore, it has a significant effect on the costs of your premium. Smoking causes cancers, heart disease, stroke and respiratory illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, on average, smokers die 10 years sooner than nonsmokers. The risk of insuring a smoker is so high that nonsmokers who are in poor health typically have lower life insurance rates than smokers who otherwise take care of their bodies.


What does your job have to do with life insurance rates? High-risk professions and hobbies can cause your life insurance rates to spike, or make you ineligible for coverage altogether.

Keeping yourself healthy and safe is not just good for your body, it may qualify you for lower life insurance premiums. If you’re interested in purchasing a policy, use our quote generator to find out which life insurance quotes may work best for you.

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