So, you nailed that interview and landed your first job but they don’t offer disability insurance. Congrats! But now that you’ve got some money in your pocket, it’s important that you know what to do with it. Otherwise, you could end up in a financial mess later on down the road. Certainly, we can always count on financial surprises in one way or another. So, here are three key tips on how to get your financial life off started off on the right foot:



  Start Saving

Now is the time to save as much as possible. You might be thinking, “Hey, I just started earning this money, and now you want me to just stash it away?” The answer is yes! On average, people in their early professional years don’t have spouses, kids, mortgages, or other financial obligations that can make it more difficult to save. So now is the time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your newfound financial freedom, but if you can save anywhere between 10-20 percent of your income now, you’ll be in a lot better shape later in life.

  Consider Life Insurance

People tend to think that life insurance is just for the older generation, but as uncomfortable as it may be to think about, you never know what’s waiting around the corner. With funeral expenses sometimes exceeding $10,000 – $15,000, your family could be left with a financial burden on their shoulders should tragedy strike.

Plus, not all debt is forgiven when you die. If you owe money on private student loans, that balance could be passed on to your cosigner if you were to pass away.

While it seems counter intuitive, your younger years are the best time to invest in life insurance. That’s because young people tend to be healthier. And if you’re a young, healthy nonsmoker, your premiums will be much lower now than if you wait ten or twenty years to purchase a policy.

  Protect Yourself from Disability

According to the Social Security Administration, roughly one-in-four workers age 20 and older will suffer from some form of disability before the age of 67. And this isn’t just electricians and skydiving instructors we’re talking about here. In fact, the most common forms of work-impairing, or job-ending disabilities are related to musculoskeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, which can affect anyone, at any age. Yet, despite these frightening statistics, only about one-third of the American workforce is covered by long-term disability insurance. You just started earning a living, so the last thing you want to do is watch it get flushed down the drain in the event of an unfortunate illness or injury.

It might seem like a lot to take in, but if you’re not careful, you could end up losing everything you’re currently working for in the blink of an eye unless you have disability insurance. And you could end up saddling your loved ones with the financial burden in the process. Your health and financial future are now in your hands, so use your newfound income wisely, and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected no matter what happens.

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