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life insurance riders

It is certainly no secret that term life insurance is the most affordable solution for replacing one’s income in the event of one’s death. It’s also no secret that younger and healthier adults can purchase a lot of coverage for about the price of a large pizza. Term life insurance … Continue reading The Best Life Insurance Riders for Term Insurance


life insurance for seniors in their 80s

Is there a point in a senior’s life when they’re too old to buy life insurance? In our experience, we have found that 90 is the typical limit for purchasing life insurance but it is possible to buy life insurance after 90 but the cost of coverage is simply ridiculous. … Continue reading Life Insurance for Seniors in their 80s | Is it too Late?


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life insurance with diabetes

 In today’s world of “instant information”, it’s easy to have some idea of how many people in the U.S. are dealing with diabetes. According to a report released in the summer of 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate over 10% of people living in the U.S. … Continue reading Life Insurance with Diabetes | You Have Options!


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guaranteed issue life insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance, also known as guaranteed acceptance life insurance, is a whole life insurance policy where the applicant’s health status is not taken into consideration.   Breaking down Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance   Guaranteed issue life insurance (advertised as Guaranteed Acceptance by Colonial Penn) is a whole life … Continue reading What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance | Why Should I Buy It?


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life insurance with sleep apnea

Ask around and you’ll likely find that many people take sleep apnea lightly. This is likely because most people are unaware of the effects of sleep apnea. Most think of sleep apnea as the cause of loud snoring and shortness of breath during the night. Unfortunately, sleep apnea can lead … Continue reading Buy Affordable Life Insurance with Sleep Apnea


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life insurance for seniors over 65

When seniors over 65 are shopping for life insurance, there are typically two reasons they need coverage at this point in their life: they have life insurance now but would like to add additional coverage or they had life insurance and had to give it up and need to replace … Continue reading Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors over 65


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20-year term life insurance

Even though life insurance can be complicated and confusing, most consumers know a little about term life insurance. Generally, U.S. consumers understand that term life insurance is much cheaper than other kinds of insurance like whole life or universal life insurance. Even though term life insurance is considered temporary, it … Continue reading Why Buy 20-Year Term Life Insurance? A Case Study


How to Know When to Take Social Security

If you’re approaching retirement age, you should already be thinking about social security. The earliest age you can receive social security benefits is 62, and many people choose to start collecting right away. But there are benefits to waiting until you’re 65 or even 70 years old. As long as … Continue reading How to Know When to Take Social Security


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final expense life insurance

It’s interesting that many seniors assume life insurance will no longer be available to them once they are over age 70. Most think that the cost will be prohibitive or that medical issues will disqualify them from being approved for coverage. In this article, we’ll debunk the myth that life … Continue reading Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70


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How to file a life insurance claim

Talking about a life insurance policy can be a little awkward. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how much coverage you need, or if you or your spouse should get a policy. But it’s an important conversation to have – especially if you’re a listed beneficiary on someone’s policy. While … Continue reading How to File a Life Insurance Claim