For millions of people with disabilities, a stable and sufficient job may seem out of reach. Nearly 70 percent of adults who have some type of disability would like to work. That’s a staggering 18 million people who could be joining the workforce. Here you will find resources that could be of assistance to those with disabilities seeking employment.


Finding a Job

  • What Can You Do?: The Campaign for Disability Employment provide information for youths and adults with disabilities.
  • AAPD: Find employment or an internship through the American Association of People with Disabilities.
  • Career Connect: The AFB Career Connection provides resources for job seekers, employers, and professionals for adults who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Disability Community: Here you will find information to help those with disabilities find employment information and opportunities.
  • Entry Point: This program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) provides employment opportunities to students with disabilities.
  • Getting Hired: Talented job seekers with disabilities can sign up to meet potential employers for success in the workplace.

Help Starting a Small Business

  • Start Up USA: Resources, training, technical assistance and information for a business start-up for people with disabilities.
  • State Rehabilitation Agencies: Learn about the various programs for people with disabilities who seek self-employment.
  • The Work Site: Social Security Online provides disability insurance with employment networks and support services.
  • The Abilities Fund: Find financial assistance and training for those with disabilities.
  • Business Leadership Network: The USBLN is a leading disability organization that assists workplaces in finding talented employees with disabilities.
  • Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities helps to improve the status of people with disabilities.
  • Disabled Businesspersons Association: Charitable organization for disabled business persons to maximize their potential in the business world.

Disability Employment Opportunities

  • Hire Disability Solutions: Sign up as a member to the Career Center to connect with potential employers.
  • IBM Employment: IBM is hiring a number of opportunities in a variety of fields for entry level and internships for disabled, veterans, and other candidates.
  • Ability Jobs: Find job opportunities to enable people with disabilities to enhance their professional lives.
  • Lift Inc: Nation’s leading source of management and computer technology employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • NAD: Find employment opportunities from the National Association of the Deaf for hearing impaired individuals in the United States.
  • Pride Industries: Find service solutions and employment training and opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • ROI: Human Services Agency dedicated to finding rehabilitation opportunities to physically disabled adults.

Disability Laws

Federal Government Grants

  • Federal Grants: Search for government grants to see if you would be eligible for one of many grant opportunities for disabled persons.
  • Children and Families: Find grants opportunities for families of a person who is disabled.
  • CFDA: Find federal programs grants from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.
  • Disabled Facilities Grants: Council grants for disabled people that can be used for a variety of adaptations.
  • HUD: Find information for people with disabilities from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • United States Department of Agriculture: The NIFA provide Agr-Ability Grants to disabled farmers.
  • HHS: Find grants for a variety of assistance programs from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

General Resource Links

  • Canine Companions for Independence: Find an assistance dog to help disabled persons.
  • Disability Etiquette Handbook: Learn about employment, public accommodations and laws regarding employment opportunities for the disabled.
  • Exceptional Nurse: Information and resource network for students with a disability interested in a nursing career.
  • The Council for Disability Rights: Learn about the civil rights for people with disabilities.
  • Vision Aware: Self-help resource and rehabilitation education for those who are blind or visually impaired.
  • CODI: Community resource for professionals that provide disability information in a wide range of areas.
  • OPRN: Find recruiting information for the federal employment of people with disabilities.
  • USA Government: Self-employment information for people with disabilities with guides to laws, regulations, scams, and retirement plans.

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Richard Reich CEO and Licensed agent

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