You can save and be stylish at the same time

  • Nov-13-2012
  • Richard Reich

In recent articles, we’ve looked at tips for saving money when it comes to your car, fitness regimen and household activities. But did you know that you can control costs on your clothing as well? It all comes down to shopping at the right time at the right stores. It might limit your wardrobe choices a bit, but reducing your monthly clothing bill can make a big difference for both your finances and your life.

Next time that you go shopping for clothes, remember to:

Investigate the discount rack – While you won’t find a designer dress in the low-price aisle, you might come across something great for a bargain. Some people attach a stigma to the discount rack, but the reality is that most of the clothes there are only a few seasons old and are still in great condition.

Keep an eye out for future sales or special deals – Every so often, a product that you may need will get a temporary price cut that you would be smart to take advantage of. Look for advertisements around the store or in the newspaper to see when these special events happen, especially around the holidays.

Purchase clothes online when you can – Some online retailers offer exclusive deals if you’re willing to pay for shipping costs. Though it’s not true 100 percent of the time, buying your shirts, pants and accessories on the internet might help you squeeze a few more dollars out of your clothing budget. If you use sites like eBay, which sometimes allows you to buy far less expensively, remember to check the user testimonials before sending someone your contact information.

Finding effective ways to save money around the house is good for both the short- and long-term well-being of your household. However, there are other steps you can take as well. A low cost life insurance policy is a great way to protect the finances of your loved ones, and at you can find coverage solutions that best suit your needs.

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