You can drive it to the bank: Ways to save money on your car expenses

  • Nov-06-2012
  • Richard Reich
save on car expenses

Owning a car enables a person to drive to one’s job, travel on vacation or simply get around while doing errands. Unfortunately, a car can be rather costly, especially when repairs have to be made and gas prices creep up in the summertime.

When it comes to controlling your expenses, however, there are ways to lower the amount of cash you have to dump into your vehicle on a monthly basis.

Today, we’ll look at a few of these strategies and suggest ways of protecting your wallet from car-related costs.

To reduce spending that is associated with your car, you should:

Cut down on short trips – If you’re thinking of heading to the pharmacy or the library, you should see if it’s cheaper to ride public transit or simply walk. By reducing the number of times you drive around within your town, you can save on the fuel you have and keep you from visiting the gas station every other day. Also, the health benefits of walking cannot be overstated.

Maintain inflated tires – One of the easiest ways to improve your gas mileage and, by association, your bank account, is to keep your tires properly inflated with air. Improperly inflated tires create extra drag which may unnecessarily slow down your vehicle and reduce the mileage you get.

Survey the area for cheap gas – Most people opt for the convenience of choosing the nearest station. While this is definitely easier, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out for consistently cheap gas. By doing so, you can get more for less if you plan your fill-up visits. You can now get an app for your smartphone that will actually show you where the least expensive gas is in your area.

By cutting down on car expenses, you put some extra money in your wallet that can be used to increase the quality of your living. However, it’s important to plan for future costs so your savings can be used to purchase a low cost life insurance policy from Contact us to receive your own instant life insurance quote today.

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