You are what you eat, part one: Why calcium and protein are vital to your health

  • Oct-05-2012
  • Richard Reich

Our bodies thrive and develop from the foods we eat. If a person eats fast food and other types of junk on a regular basis, they will most likely feel terrible a lot of the time. On the other hand, if they choose wisely and eat healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, they will notice a substantial difference in their energy levels and overall demeanor.

Today, we’ll discuss the importance of calcium and protein-rich foods and how they can make you healthy.

Medical experts largely agree that the human body needs:

Calcium – You remember the food pyramid from high school health class, right? If you look for the modern update, you’ll notice it more closely resembles a dinner plate now. Yet beside it, in the shape of a drinking glass, is the reminder that you need plenty of dairy during the day in order to get an adequate helping of calcium. Calcium is important for maintaining bone and tooth integrity. However, don’t think that ice cream will do the trick. Doctors recommend that adults try to avoid “fatty dairy” products as they can significantly contribute to weight gain.

Protein – Adult men and women require between five and seven ounces of protein every day in order to maintain muscle strength and overall fitness levels. However, there are some caveats to keep in mind. When preparing meat, you should eschew a lot of breading or oils because this can negate the health benefits of the meat. Additionally, some protein-based foods have preservatives or other additives that could lead to long-term health products. You should read packaging labels carefully before you purchase any kind of food to make sure those choices will help.

These are just two nutrition categories required by the body. Next time, we’ll review the importance of grains, vegetables and fruit for the human body.

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