What Life Insurance Website Should You Use?

  • Last updated Mar 22, 2017 at 9:37PM | Published on Dec 15, 2010
  • Richard Reich

Being that I work for a life insurance website, that’s an easy one for me to answer.  However, because that would be viewed as self-serving, I offer to you some tips in what to look for in a life insurance website:

  • Rather than going to multiple insurance company websites to get quotes, look for a site that represents and offers quotes for the major life insurance companies.  The price is the same, whether you purchase a policy from the insurance company or a broker.
  • The website should offer quotes without asking for personal contact information.  You’re only looking for quotes right now and shouldn’t have to give your name, phone number, email address or any other personally-identifiable information.
  • When you enter your basic information, the website should show you quotes – not a list of companies that you can access to get quotes.  Why should you have to enter your information twice (or 3 or 8 times)?  The companies that will ultimately quote you are paying that website to be on that page.  Why bother?  Most of those companies can be found by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo?
  • Your quotes should be realistic and, therefore, should be based on your health profile.  While no quotes are guaranteed, make sure your quote is based on the same underwriting criteria used by the insurance companies.
  • Make sure the website is staffed by insurance professionals who can answer your questions and assist you with the application and policy delivery, should you choose to purchase insurance.  Many sites do not process applications or offer assistance during the underwriting period.  Rather, they sell your information to several (sometimes as many as eight) life insurance brokers, who will try their hardest to reach you and sell you a policy.
  • Make sure the website has an updated privacy policy and legal notice.  You should know who you’re trusting your information with.
  • Read the About Us section.  If one doesn’t exist or it doesn’t tell you who you’re doing business with (I’ve seen a lot of these lately), you probably shouldn’t be doing business with them.
  • Before you enter any personal information, ensure that the web page you are on is secure.  It should have a Secure Seal of some sort and the web address should start with https (rather than http).

There are many life insurance websites on the Internet, but only a handful of them meet all these criteria.  Shop for the website first, then shop for insurance.  While it might seem like it takes longer to do it this way, you will most probably save time, headaches and money in the end.

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