“Western diet” leads to early death, experts say

  • Apr-18-2013
  • Richard Reich

A 24-year-long study conducted in France has pointed to a link between chronic health problems later in life and consumption of the so-called “Western diet,” which consists of processed foods, red meats, refined grains and high-fat dairy sources. According to HealthDay News, the research project – which was published in the most recent edition of The American Journal of Medicine – suggests that folks who adhere to this lifestyle may be at a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and other disorders.

A group consisting of 3,800 men and 1,600 women with a median age of 51 years old took part in the project, which was held between 1985 and 2009. During that time, roughly three-quarters of the participants underwent what is known as “normal” aging, which is characterized by only minor to moderate chronic health problems. The remainder of the group suffered from a host of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal conditions. These individuals, the authors of the study told the source, consumed higher amounts of Western-style processed foods than the others.

“We showed that following specific dietary recommendations may be useful in reducing the risk of unhealthy aging, while avoidance of the Western-type foods might actually improve the possibility of achieving older ages free of chronic diseases and remaining highly functional,” Tasnime Akbaraly of the National Institute of Health Medical Research, who led the study, said in an interview.

These findings reinforce the belief held by many medical experts that eating natural foods is linked to a healthier aging process. By cutting out lower-quality products from your diet, you’ll benefit from a lower risk of chronic disease. Additionally, you may qualify for lower rates on life insurance policies. To learn more, visit LifeInsure.com today and fill out an online life insurance application.

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