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When we think about the number of deaths in the U.S. each year, we know that it is an alarming number. When you drill down further for the number of deaths that result from unintentional injuries (accidental deaths), the stats are even more alarming. According to the CDC, there were 146,751 deaths resulting from unintentional injuries in 2015. That translates into 45.6 accidental deaths per 100,000 people and ranks number 1 for all deaths in the U.S.

We know we’re all going to die someday, but all of us would prefer that it would be the result of old age and not in a car crash or being killed during an earthquake. When you drill-down even further, we find that of the 146,571 accidental deaths reported, 33,381 are due to unintentional falls, 37,757 are vehicle-related, and an astounding 47,478 result from poisoning.

For these reasons, many U.S. consumers are turning to Accidental Death Insurance. Not because it covers any more causes of death than traditional life insurance, but because it is so inexpensive and a great way to supplement our traditional life insurance coverage.


What is Accidental Death Insurance?


There are two typical types of accidental death insurance; one is purchased as a rider on a traditional life insurance policy and the other is purchased as a stand-alone insurance policy. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing Accidental Death Insurance as a stand-alone life insurance policy.

Simply put, Accidental Death Insurance is life insurance that pays out only if the insured’s death is the result of an unintentional injury. The policy will not pay out if the insured dies from cancer or heart disease because those causes are not related to an unintentional accident; they are commonly referred to as natural causes.

In most cases, because not all insurers are the same, death must result within 90 days of the accident. Each company will typically have a list of exclusions (what is not covered) but the following is a typical list of events they will not cover:


  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries such as suicide.
  • Deaths that occur while engaging in illegal activity.
  • Accidental overdose of a drug or medication that is not prescribed by a licensed physician.
  • Accidents that result from intoxication.
  • Accidental deaths while serving in the armed forces or that happen during war.
  • Accidental death while participating in hazardous hobbies like skydiving or speed racing.
  • Death that results from a disease of bodily or mental infirmity.
  • Accidental death while operating an aircraft or as a crew member.


My Term Policy Covers Accidental Death – Why Buy Accidental Death Insurance?


You are correct. A traditional life insurance policy does cover accidental deaths, so why would an individual who has traditional life insurance spend money on accidental death insurance?

There are many individuals who are unable to purchase or who cannot afford to purchase sufficient life insurance because of health issues, age, or occupation. In these cases, a guaranteed-issue accidental death policy will offer some coverage and is certainly better than having no coverage.

Additionally, if you are planning to travel any distance in an airplane and you’re concerned you do not have enough traditional life insurance, you can purchase an accidental death policy to get the peace of mind knowing that you have sufficient life insurance if the worst thing happens. Accidental Death insurance is guaranteed issue so most life insurance companies will offer immediate issue so you can obtain same day coverage, even over the phone.

And finally, the cost of Accidental Death insurance is much cheaper than any other type of life insurance so it is an affordable way to supplement life insurance that you may already be carrying.

How much does Accidental Death cost vs Term?


The primary difference when you apply for Accidental Death Insurance versus Term Life Insurance is that your health is not taken into consideration – only your age and gender. Also, since the number of accidental deaths is typically much lower than deaths from natural causes, the mortality rates for the insurer issuing the policy is especially lower than for term life insurance policies.


4 Great Reasons to Consider Accidental Death Insurance


If the chart above isn’t enough motivation to consider Accidental Death Insurance, consider the following additional four great reasons:

1. Guaranteed Issue and Easy Application – Accidental Death policies are quick and easy to obtain. Most companies offer instant or same day approval and many companies ask no health or occupation questions.

2. Medical Exam Never Required – Since the insurers do not take your health into consideration when you apply for a policy, no medical exam will be required.

3. Accidental Death Insurance is Cheap – As you may have noticed in the chart above, Accidental Death insurance costs far less than traditional life insurance which makes it easier on your budget to purchase a large death benefit.

4. Optional Coverage Riders – Similar to traditional insurance, applicants can purchase insurance riders to add family members to the policy and increase the death benefit for deaths resulting from a common-carrier accident or an automobile accident.


Where Can I Purchase Accidental Death Insurance?


At, we only offer Accidental Death Insurance from the company we consider to be one of the best insurance carriers out there – Mutual Of Omaha Life Insurance Company. Our agency consistently looks to Mutual of Omaha for many life insurance products and feel that they provide competitive rates and outstanding customer service to their agents and their policyholders.

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions regarding Accidental Death Insurance from Mutual of Omaha:

Question Answer
Can I be denied a policy? No. As long as you are within the eligible ages and don’t already have Accidental Death insurance from Mutual of Omaha.
I’ve had some health problems lately; can I still apply for coverage?
Absolutely. Our application does not ask for any health or financial information.
Does my Accidental Death Insurance replace my other life insurance? No. Your Accidental Death Insurance policy will supplement your traditional life insurance if your death is the result of a covered accident.
Will my monthly premium go up as I get older? The only way we can increase your rate is if we do it for everyone in your rate class in your entire state.
Can I add other family members to my Accidental Death Insurance policy? Yes. When you select The Family Plan, your spouse if between 18 and 70, and all unmarried children under age 21 (see our brochure for your state) are covered under your policy.


About Mutual Of Omaha Life Insurance Company


Mutual of Omaha is a mutual insurance company that is based in Nebraska and is owned by its policyholders. Mutual of Omaha offers a complete portfolio of life insurance products, investment products, and banking services to individuals, families, and businesses.

The company is a very popular insurer and well-known by individuals across the United States. The company continues to rate very high with each of the national rating services and the Better Business Bureau:


Rating Service Rating Description
A.M. Best Company A+ Superior 2nd highest of 16
Moody’s Investors Services A1 Good 5th highest of 21
Standard & Poor’s AA- Very Strong 4th highest of 21
Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited with BBB since 1940



For more information about Accidental Death Insurance from Mutual of Omaha and to get a free and confidential quote, call the insurance professionals at at (866) 691-0100 during normal business hours or contact us through our website to get your policy issued today.


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