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Final Expense Insurance

I have heard from many seniors that they are not certain what Final Expense Insurance is and what Burial Insurance is and if there’s a difference. I can certainly understand the confusion when life insurance companies assign certain “marketing names” to various insurance products. When I say “marketing names” I … Continue reading Final Expense vs Burial Insurance – What’s the Difference?


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final expense life insurance

Actually, Final Expense Insurance is not a type of insurance product but a “purpose” for life insurance. What we mean by this is that when you buy final expense insurance, your policy is unlikely to have the term “Final Expense  Life Insurance” anywhere on the contract. You see, insurance is … Continue reading The Complete Guide to Final Expense Insurance


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life insurance for felons

When applying for fully underwritten traditional life insurance, most insurance carriers are going to inquire about any felony convictions you may have had in the past. It makes sense – if a life insurance company is willing to check your motor vehicle record for your driving behavior, then they would … Continue reading Life Insurance with a Felony Conviction


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final expense insured

Final expense insurance is specifically designed to cover the bills, debts, and expenses that will be left for your loved ones upon your passing. These costs can be quite varied and be anything from funeral cost and burial expenses to medical bills and final debts. Final expense insurance is also … Continue reading Final Expense Insurance Explained


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final expense insurance

Final expense insurance also referred to as “funeral” or “burial” insurance, is a life insurance policy that is designated for paying the final expenses of the insured that typically accumulate leading up to and immediately after the insured’s death. It is no secret to anyone living in the United States … Continue reading Final Expense Insurance – What is it and Why Should I Buy It?


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life insurance myths

As a general rule, every type of insurance can be confusing, especially when a layperson listens to life insurance myths and attempts to read the content of an actual policy. Not because they don’t understand the concept of insurance, because most people do; but because policy information is typically written … Continue reading Life Insurance Myths Debunked