Save as you get in shape: Cheap ways to exercise

  • Nov-05-2012
  • Richard Reich
save as you get in shape

Exercising, in some cases, can be a rather expensive affair. The average basic cost of a gym membership in 2012 is roughly $55 per month, though that price can rise if you include other expenses. These occasionally prohibitive costs may keep some people from pursuing their obvious benefits. Thankfully, there are ways to achieve the same level of fitness without emptying your wallet at the gym’s front desk.

Today, we’ll look at methods for exercising on the cheap that will leave you just as worked-out as if you were shelling out $200 for that crossfit course your friend told you about.

To get in shape while saving cash, you should:

Jog every morning – Running a few laps each day, medical experts say, is one of the easiest ways to trim the waistline without spending too much money. Sure, you’ll need to pick up a new pair of running shoes every six to nine months – depending on how quickly they wear out – but this is much better than shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new treadmill.

Make time at home to work out – Instead of going to a gym several days a week, you can turn your home office or living room into a full-on exercise space. You can pick up a few weights at your nearby sports store and install a pull-up bar in one of your doorways.

Walk instead of driving or taking the bus – This is especially helpful if you live in or near a city that you frequent often. While it may add some time to your travel routine, depending on the area this might not be as much of an inconvenience as you would think.

There’s nothing better than the double advantage of saving money while also getting in shape. It also helps, however, to buy a life insurance policy to protect you and your loved ones from potentially huge costs in the future if something bad unexpectedly occurs. Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight might also help you save money on a life insurance policy. provides free quotes (based on your health profile) with no obligation.

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