Ring it in right: Tips for having a healthy New Year’s Eve celebration

  • Dec-10-2012
  • Richard Reich
New year's eve

With 2013 only a few weeks away, it’s more than likely that you have begun your preparations for this year’s festivities. But before you bust out the bottle opener and party favors, you might want to spend a few minutes thinking about ways that you can stay healthy during the celebrations.

Today, we’ll look at some tips so that you can have a safe – but still very happy – New Year.

These include:

Choosing healthy snacks – If you’re hosting a party this year, you can do both yourself and your guests a favor by opting for fruits, veggies and carb-cutting dips instead of fatty chips and candy. You can even go a step further and look for recipes that avoid waistline-busting ingredients but still taste delicious.

Moderating your beverage intake – While a few drinks with friends are fun, just about everybody knows that certain someone who can’t handle their beverages on New Year’s Eve. To avoid these troubles – which can make you more susceptible to illness in the days ahead – try sticking to nonalcoholic drinks, or, if you decide to indulge, only have a glass or two of champagne or wine to celebrate the evening.

Stay active during the party – Depending on the weather, it’s not a bad idea to include some kind of outdoor activity during your New Year celebration. Even if it’s just going outside to watch fireworks, it’s good for your body to get off the couch and move around for a while. This is especially helpful if you’ve had more than a few appetizers during the night.

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