Real-life impact: The story of Sarah Lewis

  • Apr-04-2013
  • Richard Reich

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) has long supported the idea of educating everyday folks about the benefits of a life insurance policy. In one of their “Real LIFE Stories” segments, the organization told the story of Sarah Lewis, who was faced with an uncertain financial future following the death of her husband.

David Lewis was a pediatric cardiologist who spent a considerable amount of time working overseas, especially in Latin America. Despite the long-distance trips, he made a commitment to protect his family , and working with a life insurance specialist, David purchased a life insurance policy. He even reviewed it with a professional twice a year to make sure that he and his loved ones were safeguarded in case anything should happen to him. His efforts put in place a level of financial protection for his wife and their three children.

Tragedy struck in 2001, when David suffered a heart attack and died in Ecuador. When he passed away, Sarah was able to access these funds to settle a number of financial liabilities that the family was facing. Not only did she pay off her mortgage and credit card debt, she also put money away for her children’s college educations. The remainder of the benefits were used to help maintain the Lewis family’s quality of life as they adjusted to a future without David.

“The greatest gift you can give your family is to think ahead and be prepared,” Sarah said in the LIFE interview.

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