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money management tips

Americans are getting better at making ends meet, according to the 2013 National Financial Capability Study, but they are lacking in savings and debt management skills. Less than half of Americans surveyed had emergency savings of three months’ income, and only a quarter said they were happy with their finances. … Continue reading The 4 Cardinal Rules of Smart Money Management


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bereavement fares from airlines

There are three major airlines that offer bereavement fares to travelers. Those that do offer discounts typically limit them to the airfares only; baggage handling and other costs remain the same for all passengers. Airlines That Offer Bereavement Fares Airlines that offer discounted fares for medical emergencies and deaths require … Continue reading Few Airlines Offer Bereavement Fares


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We think of faculty from colleges and universities as the best-educated and smartest people in a room. However, a new study suggests that they might be the least knowledgeable professionals when it comes to preparing for retirement. According to Fidelity Investments’ Higher Education Faculty Study, while 82 percent of pre-retiree … Continue reading Study: College professors unprepared for retirement


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There's no way around it: You need to buy food. However, your entire paycheck doesn't have to go to the grocery store. These tips and suggestions can help you reduce the amount you spend on food without sacrificing nutrition. You should: Plan ahead Going to the grocery store with no clue of … Continue reading Tips to save money on your grocery bill


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truth about life insurance ads

One of the most efficient ways to save money at home is to budget your expenses. By carefully laying out each charge, purchase and cost, you can keep track of how you spend your cash and see where you could save a bit. Today, we’ll offer some tips on how … Continue reading Squeeze every penny: Tips for home budgeting