Money-saving tips: Effectively using coupons

  • Sep-23-2013
  • Richard Reich

One of the easiest ways to save money on items you buy every day is to use coupons for your purchases. No, you don't have to engage in any "extreme couponing" to cut back on your expenses, and we offer the following tips and suggestions to help you incorporate coupons into your shopping experiences. 

Know where to find coupons

Yes, they're most commonly found in the weekend edition of your local newspaper, but there are many other places to search for them. Don't forget to check out online resources, as many manufacturers have coupons on their websites. In addition, keep your receipts from previous purchases, because many of them have coupons attached.

Only purchase products that you use

This is one of the most important rules of using coupons. Buying a bunch of items that you don't actually want or need will just cost you more money. A significant discount on a dozen cups of yogurt may seem like a good deal, but is it really if no one in your house wants to eat them? You should only cut and use coupons for items that you and and your family regularly consume. 

Start at one store 

You may be tempted to use coupons at as many stores as possible, but it's best to start at one. Many retail establishments have unique rules about how they accept and deal with coupons, and it may take you a while to figure it out. Once you are more comfortable using coupons during your shopping trips, then you may want to consider branching out to other locations. 

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