Life Insurance Rates Database – Open to The Public

  • May-06-2011
  • Richard Reich

Not too long ago a consumer interested in life insurance would have to call on a bunch of agents to get quotes and compare prices (or have agents come see them). Twenty plus years ago an agent would look up the cost for someone in a rate book or rate manual and give a quote often for their company. You could trust that the person in front of you had a fair price or to compare you’d call on another one or two.

The next evolution which changed life insurance quoting was the personal computer, since an agent could check software on their computer and give you a printout, but it was still usually from one or two companies for which the agent had software. A consumer could then collect printouts from a few different companies. The Internet changed everything. One can learn about life insurance and get instant life insurance quotes from all the most competitive companies and can do it online, instantly and anonymously.

This is a perfect example of Internet shopping. Shopping for life insurance has evolved from having a life insurance advisor visit one’s home or office with a rate book, to seeing an agent or several agents with printouts from a computer, to present, where one now has the ability to view an entire life insurance rates database on one’s own computer screen through specialized life insurance sites, like These sites allow one to see the prices anonymously and instantly.

This evolution in life insurance quoting has another unintended, but positive, consequence benefiting of the American consumer. Because of the full disclosure now available in life insurance quoting and the complete transparency, life insurance companies must compete. The best rates are shown instantly for all to see!  Thus we have seen rates for term life insurance continue to get lower year after year. With life insurance on the Internet, that industry has not only seen an evolution but a revolution of full disclosure with the consumer winning.

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