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Life insurance quotes are estimates of rates insurance companies determine after the underwriting process is completed.  To make sure your quote is the most accurate possible, with the use of the Health Analyzer, we collect basic health information that the insurance companies use in determining your rates.

If your quote does not include this health information, it will most probably be less accurate, resulting in disappointment when your policy is issued with a much higher rate. Some life insurance quote websites ask you to guess your health class.  In most cases, people overestimate their health class which leads to disappointment when the insurance company issues their final rates at the end of the underwriting period.  While all quotes are only best estimates, it’s best to base those estimates on each company’s underwriting guidelines.  This is what the Health Analyzer does. Instant life insurance quotes, using the Health Analyzer are available for:
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[/list] The following types of life insurance require more of a custom approach:
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