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I have recently been hearing a lot of life insurance advertisements on the radio.  While I have a great faculty for tuning out most radio and TV ads, being that I’m in the life insurance business, I must say ads about life insurance pique my interest every time.  It was … Continue reading Life Insurance Advertisements – Truth or Fiction?


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If you’re like me (and most people I know, for that matter), I would guess that your shopping habits have changed drastically over the past ten years.   While I still see the need for “brick and mortar” shopping (mostly for televisions and other items I like to see and/or touch), … Continue reading Does Shopping for Life Insurance Online Really Save you Time and Money?


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health classification for insurance

The price (premium) you pay for your life insurance policy is determined by several factors, including  your  age, build (height and weight), tobacco use, sex, your general health, family health history and lifestyle (e.g. dangerous hobbies or occupations can affect your rates). Your Health (or Risk) Class An insurance company … Continue reading Estimating your Health Class for a Life Insurance Policy


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As a young astronaut in 1969, Neil Armstrong was earning approximately $17,000 a year.  Due to the dangerous nature of his occupation and his impending travels, a life insurance policy would have been cost-prohibitive for him (tens of thousands of dollars, according to Business Insider).  I can only imagine the … Continue reading Affordable Life Insurance


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Is Your Personal Information Required to Get Life Insurance Quotes? I have written several posts about the state of life insurance websites today, specifically in regard to the personal data required by many sites and what happens to that data.  If you Google “life insurance quotes, you will come up … Continue reading Life Insurance Quotes and your Personal Information


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Sometimes I will do a Google (or Bing) search for life insurance quotes to get a feel for what consumers have to go through in order to get quotes.  Each time I do so, I am disheartened by what I find.  The search listings can be quite confusing, as I … Continue reading Life Insurance Quotes the Easy Way


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Your life insurance premiums are derived by estimating your risk of dying.  Insurance companies use specific health criteria in order to place you in a risk category or health class, as it’s commonly called.  There aren’t industry-wide labels for these classes, but you will usually see these health class designations:  … Continue reading Life Insurance Quotes – How Accurate are They?


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What does time have to do with life insurance quotes and how does saving time save you money? Have you ever considered what your free time’s worth?  I usually do when my wife wants me to drive a long way to go to some store that’s having an “amazing sale.”  … Continue reading Life Insurance Quotes and your Time


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Life Insurance Quotes on the Internet If you want to know how competitive life insurance websites have become, all you have to do is search the term life insurance quotes.  You won’t have any shortage of websites trying to attract your attention. They all have to “shout” loudly to attract … Continue reading Life Insurance Quotes – Buyer Beware