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  • Last updated Mar 22, 2017 at 9:34PM | Published on Oct 11, 2011
  • Richard Reich

Life Insurance Quotes on the Internet

If you want to know how competitive life insurance websites have become, all you have to do is search the term life insurance quotes.  You won’t have any shortage of websites trying to attract your attention. They all have to “shout” loudly to attract your attention.

In Google, for instance, if you search for life insurance quotes, you will get inundated with ads for Cheap Quotes, Free Quotes, Cheapest Quotes and Save 80% on your life insurance.  When I search, I almost feel like I’m being bombarded by street peddlers in countries that allow aggressive peddling (Italy, anyone?).

It also reminds me a little bit of 42nd Street in New York before the city cleaned up the area.  Every other store on the street had huge signs proclaiming Going out of Business Sales.  For a tourist passing through on a vacation, it seemed legitimate, but , living there at the time, I would pass the same stores for months and, surprise, they were still in business!  When the City finally cracked down on these stores, they changed their signs to Going out for Business (with the “for” in a much smaller font so you might confuse it with the word “of”)

The point I’m making is, do you feel comfortable being “accosted” by these statements?  Are these the folks you would trust the future of your family on, should you pass away?  That is what you are doing when you purchase life insurance.  Yes, the insurance company is ultimately the “responsible party” who issues the policy and, if needed, pays the claim.  However, your agent/broker is the one who makes sure you are purchasing the appropriate policy for your age and health profile and assists in getting issued properly.  A good agent will also shop the market to make sure you are getting the best deal (benefits and premium).

A good agent/broker will not try to entice you by “shouting” Free Quotes or Cheapest Prices on the search engines.   Seriously…free quotes?  Of course quotes are free.  Who would charge for them?  Actually, now that I think about it, there might be a cost to you – a cost to your privacy.  Many life insurance quote websites collect your information and sell it to a number of agents, who will all try their best to sell you a policy – after all, they paid a lot of money for your information.

I would like to challenge the insurance industry, including regulatory agencies, and the search engines, to clean up this “42nd Street” of life insurance vendors.  Take the signs down and let people look for life insurance quotes without being “shouted down.”

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