Life insurance premiums are not arbitrary and are greatly influenced by many factors in your life. During the application process, the company providing the life insurance will evaluate contributing factors such as occupation, age, weight, to name just a few. One of the most important factors that will be considered as well is if you smoke or use tobacco products. Life insurance premiums may be substantially higher if you are a smoker.

One of the most important purchases that you can make for your loved ones is life insurance. However, many people believe that life insurance is too costly and so they never purchase a policy. Do not allow your electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) to prevent you from providing the insurance coverage that your family will need.

Life Insurance and E-Cigarettes

Due to the decreasing popularity of smoking cigarettes coupled with the risingvaping kit life insurance premiums, most smokers are turning to tobacco alternatives, such as the e-cigarette. The purpose of the e-cigarette is to simulate the feel of smoking tobacco, while actually inhaling vapor. Even with society’s new view on smoking actual cigarettes, most companies providing life insurance coverage have failed to recognize that e-cigarettes and the vapor life do not present the same risks as regular cigarettes – except for one life insurance provider.

Non-smokers pay significantly lower rates for life insurance – most often 60-75% less than their smoking counterparts. However, many e-cigarette users are not informed that they can get non-smoker rates for their life insurance coverage. This article will detail how exactly you can receive non-smoker premium rates while using an electronic cigarette.

Rate Samples – Smoker versus Non-Smoker

Smoker versus Non-Smoker Rates

$250,000 death benefit for a 30-year-old Male Non-Smoker :

Prudential Life Insurance: $20.34 per month

$250,000 death benefit for a 30-year-old Male Smoker

Prudential Life Insurance: $45.28 per month

It is crucial to investigate and find a company that will offer non-smoking rates for electronic cigarette users. As was presented in the above example, smokers typically pay twice as much for their coverage when compared to non-smokers.

Prudential Life Insurance and E-Cigarette Smokers

It is not surprising that most e-cigarette smokers are seeking out insurance companies that offer more affordable rates. Prudential is currently the only company that will not impose smoker rates if you have abstained from traditional cigarettes for at least a year and have made the switch to using e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

In fact, Prudential is quite tobacco-friendly by offering non-smoker rates for those that smoke cigars, a pipe, chew tobacco, e-cigarettes, and even for marijuana smokers. As long as you abstain from traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can receive non-smoker rates with Prudential. Hence, many e-cigarette smokers are looking to Prudential for their life insurance needs and their vapor life.

Getting Cheaper Life Insurance

The cost of life insurance should no longer be a worry. In most cases, applicants are amazed at the affordability of life insurance. However, there are several ways that you can lower premium rates while pocketing the savings. Just by making a few changes in your daily routine, you could save thousands of dollars.

The most important change you can make is to improve your overall health. Prior to approval of an insurance policy, you will be required to take a medical exam. This exam will evaluate your weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and more in order to determine your present physical health. The more optimal your health is, the lower your rates will be. Hitting the gym and making healthier food choices will not only improve your overall health but will also assist in the reduction of weight and health-related issues and/or complications.

It is best to compare multiple plans side by side for life insurance in order to ensure that you are getting the lowest possible rates. The medical underwriting used by providers varies, and each company is different. The difference in finding an affordable policy compared to a high-priced policy lies in finding the perfect provider.

With the numerous companies on the market, you could spend an excessive amount of time calling and comparing providers. Let our team do the work for you! It is our mission to ensure that you are getting a superb policy. We are a group of independent insurance agents that work with various highly rated insurance companies nationwide who have demonstrated they are friendly to those smokers who enjoy the vapor life. Prudential is one of those companies that we currently represent. Our team can provide you with a personalized set of quotes based on your needs. You will save both time and money when working with our agents.

With no certainty of tomorrow, it is imperative to get the life insurance protection that your family needs and deserves. In the event of a tragedy, your loved ones would be responsible for any bills or other debt left should you not get adequate coverage.

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