Let all expenses be forgot: Tips for having a frugal yet fun New Year’s Eve

  • Dec-11-2012
  • Richard Reich
New Years Eve Party

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, it’s more than likely that you have already begun planning the festivities. But before you start swiping the credit card for cups, plates and party favors, it might help to think about ways that you can pinch a few extra pennies out of your celebration budget.

Today’s article will cover some methods for saving money this New Year’s Eve. You could allocate these funds to more meaningful uses, such as the gym membership that’s a part of your 2013 resolution, or perhaps a new life insurance policy.

To plan a party on a budget, remember to:

Bring old supplies out of storage – If you have some old decorations in the attic from last year’s festivities, you should definitely re-deploy them if they’re in good condition. This can save you a modest amount of money at the store, as you won’t be emptying your wallet for something you bought before.

Forget disposable dishes and cutlery – There’s a prevailing idea that, if you throw a party, you should avoid using your dishes and silverware. While some people don’t mind spending the money on disposable party supplies, the reality is that this is incredibly wasteful compared to a little bit of cleaning solution and a sponge. Don’t be afraid of spending an hour or two washing dishes – in the long run, your bank account will thank you for it (as will the environment).

Make your own appetizers – Instead of picking up ready-to-eat platters at the grocery store, try concocting your own delicacies this year. Not only will it save you money, but you can put your own individual flair into the dishes as well.

Devising ways to save money is an effective method for preserving your long-term economic stability. There are other strategies for doing so, including buying an affordable life insurance policy to help cover end-of-life costs. To learn more about the different types of life insurance coverage you can choose from, visit LifeInsure.com today.

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