Keep your bank account warm this year: Ways to save cash during the winter

  • Oct-31-2012
  • Richard Reich
Save Cash During Winter

Traditionally, winter brings increased energy costs because, as those in the colder regions of the United States know too well, snow on the ground means that the heater stays cranked up more often than not. Monthly utility bills can be difficult to maintain, especially for older folks who live on a fixed income.

Today, we’ll look at strategies that people can use to save money during the snowy season while also staying snug and safe, even if there is a blizzard.

In the winter, you should remember to:

Cover windows to prevent leakage – A significant amount of warmth lost in the home is due to cracks or tiny openings in windows or doors. Because of this, you might need to cover these areas with blankets or special-purpose plastic wrapping. If you know that your back door is inaccessible due to snow in the winter, it could be a good idea to seal it earlier and keep heat from escaping.

Grab a few sweaters at the store – Cutting down on heater usage by bunding up can save you some additional cash. This means wearing socks and sweaters when you might normally just lounge in your pajamas. By doing so, you don’t have to leave your thermostat set on high all night.

Use portable heaters wisely – It’s almost too tempting to park your transportable furnace right next to you at all times. However, you should remember to get an energy-efficient one that turns itself off when it becomes too hot.

Above all, be safe this winter, and don’t worry too much about costs if the temperature drops below freezing. Another consideration you might want to make is whether or not you and your loved ones’ finances are protected. A low cost life insurance policy can help cover unexpected costs that can occur when the worst happens. Check out for affordable deals on this important form of coverage.

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