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When it comes to staying healthy, there are many things you can do at home to make your living quarters friendlier for your body and well-being. Some of the major medical issues related to a residence has a lot to do with the air quality. A polluted atmosphere at home … Continue reading Clean breathing: Ways to improve the air quality in your home


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save as you get in shape

Exercising, in some cases, can be a rather expensive affair. The average basic cost of a gym membership in 2012 is roughly $55 per month, though that price can rise if you include other expenses. These occasionally prohibitive costs may keep some people from pursuing their obvious benefits. Thankfully, there … Continue reading Save as you get in shape: Cheap ways to exercise


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Jogging and health

Getting in shape doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym several times a week and exhausting yourself by doing squats or lifting weights. Good exercise comes from a consistent, semi-strenuous activity that is performed throughout the week. Doctors and fitness experts agree that you should diversify the methods of staying … Continue reading A few laps for a longer life: How jogging makes you healthier