Jim Bottoms’ meeting ran later than usual and when he exited his midtown office building, he felt a chill in the air that seemed unusually cold for this time of year. It was odd that there weren’t any taxicabs around, but since he had an hour or so before he had to catch his train home, he put his coat collar up and started to walk the twenty blocks to the train station.

He had walked this way many times when he first started working this job twenty-five years ago, but he was younger and much fitter than. As he walked, he began to feel a tightness in his chest, which he immediately wrote off as gas from his late lunch. He continued walking, even as he started to feel sharp pains up and down his left arm.

“Wow, I’m more out of shape than I realized,” he thought, as he picked up the pace to try  to warm up his body. If he missed the next train home, he’d have to wait about two hours for the next one, so he picked up his pace some more. He started feeling light-headed  and the pain in his arm became more intense with every step he took. His chest felt like there was an elephant sitting on it.

“Clear” yelled the man in the medical scrubs before he jolted the body on the table with an electrical charge. “Wow, that looks just like me on that table,” Jim thought. He tried to speak to the group of doctors and nurses surrounding his look-a-like, but words wouldn’t come. With each jolt of electricity, Jim found himself being pulled in the direction of the body on the table. “Clear” was the last word he heard…until he heard his wife’s voice waking him up from his dazed state. He didn’t recognize the bed or sterile-looking room nor the wires and tubes leading to machines that beeped an whirred.

“We almost lost you,” Judy Bottoms whispered in his ear. “I’m not ready to lose  you,” she said. As Jim dozed off again, his body too tired to stay awake any longer, he knew how crushed, emotionally, Judy and the kids would be if he hadn’t pulled through. However, he also knew the family would have been crushed financially, because he just hadn’t gotten  around to buying a life insurance policy to supplement the $50,000 death benefit he received through work. Now, after this heart attack, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to purchase additional coverage.

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