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About Equitable Life Insurance Company 

1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104
(800) 777-6510
Company Website: https://equitable.com/

“AXA” is the brand name of AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC and its family of companies. AXA companies offer financial protection and wealth management and are premier providers of advice, retirement strategies, employee benefits, and life insurance. AXA has been providing stability and reliability to its clients since 1859 to help them live their lives with confidence, and enable them to realize dreams for their loved ones and their legacy.

AXA’s primary life insurance company, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, is among the largest life insurance and retirement savings companies in the United States and they have accomplished this by offering outstanding products in the following categories:

  • Individual Retirement
  • Group Retirement
  • Protection Solutions
  • Investment Management & Research

The folks representing AXA are community-minded and continually demonstrate the company’s commitment to communities through Scholarships, Philanthropy and cultural support, Volunteering, and disaster relief.


Equitable Demonstrates its Financial Strength

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Consumers benefit when life insurance companies are transparent when it comes to financial strength. This matters because it’s important for consumers to feel confident that their decades-long relationship with an insurance company is founded on financial stability. Policyholders and their families need assurance that their life insurance company will keep the promises in its contract and be there when a claim is eventually filed.


Rating Company 2018 Ratings
A.M. Best A
Standard & Poor’s A+
Moody’s Investors Service A2

To learn more about financial strength ratings, CLICK HERE.


Equitable Life Insurance Company Insurance and Financial Products


Like most global insurers, Equitable maintains a complete portfolio of life insurance and investment products that benefit and protect individuals, families, and businesses.

Term Life InsuranceVariable Annuities403(b) plans
Whole Life InsuranceIRAs401(k) plans
Universal Life InsuranceBrokerage & Advisory Accounts457(b) plans
Variable Universal LifeMutual FundsDental
Survivorship InsuranceVision
For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on life insurance products.


Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most popular form of insurance coverage for individuals and families who need replacement income on a temporary basis. Although there are 30-year policies available, most people convert their term policy to permanent insurance well before the term expires.

 Term Series is a competitively priced term product that is available in 10, 15, 20, and Annual Renewable Term and TermOne®.

The policy premium remains level for the length of the term but does increase each year if you select the Annual Renewable Term (ART). AXA’s term policies can be converted to a permanent insurance policy anytime during the term or up to age 70 and no proof of insurability is required to issue the permanent policy you’ve chosen to convert to.

The TermOne® policy is not renewable and must be paid-in-full when issued. The coverage expires at the end of the policy year and is non-renewable.

Each policy also includes the Living Benefit Rider for no additional charge, which provides for the policyholder to receive a portion of the death benefit in advance if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Other optional riders that are available for an additional premium are the Children’s Term Insurance Rider and the Disability Premium Waiver Rider.

The issue ages available terms, and minimum face amount are as follows:

Issue Age Product Minimum Coverage
18 to 75 Term 10 $250,000
18 to 70 Term 15 $250,000
18 to 65 Term 20 $250,000
18 to 70 Annual Renewable Term $100,000
20 to 99 TermOne $25,00


Interest Sensitive Whole Life


For consumers who prefer lifetime coverage with certainty and predictability, whole life insurance is typically one of the better products to achieve those goals.

With the Interest Sensitive Whole Life product, the cash value increases annually and designed to equal the face amount when the policyholder reaches age 100.

Because of its guaranteed cash value commitment by Equitable, your policy’s cash value:

  • will never be decreased or impacted by economic conditions unless there is a loan on the policy
  • is guaranteed to equal the policy face amount when the insured reaches age 100

Policyholders can easily access the policy cash value via policy loans or withdrawals for any reason.

It’s also important to note that the applicant can broaden the coverage and living benefits in the policy by selecting among the optional riders that are available from AXA.


Equitable Indexed Universal Life Insurance



Equitable offers two types of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance that provides a guaranteed death benefit for beneficiaries and accumulates wealth over the insured’s lifetime.


IUL Protect

Equitable’s IUL Protect product offers flexible premium choices while offering lifetime insurance protection and the potential to accumulate wealth by allocating funds to a Select Account or a Guaranteed Interest Account.

The Select Account option links your cash account to the performance of the S&P 500 Index where the policyholder would receive 100% of any returns but subject to the Cap built into the policy.

The policyholder is also protected against 100% of negative returns because the IUL Protect offers a 0% Floor rate; meaning the cash account will not lose money in a down market.

Please visit the AXA IUL Protect product page for more information on this product.


BrightLife® Grow

 Similar to the IUL Protect, the BrightLife Grow policy is focused more on wealth accumulation since the cash account within the policy can be linked to multiple market indices, allowing the policyholder to participate in the upside of market equities without the risk of the downside.

Similar to the Interest Sensitive Whole Life policy and the IUL Protect policy, policyholders can access the cash in the BrightLife Grow policy via policy loans or withdrawals. Any funds taken as policy loans are not considered income and therefore not taxable to the policyholder.

The Equitable BrightLife® Grow policy is also available as a Survivorship policy (second-to-die) so that partners or married couples can use it for estate planning and help heirs deal with inheritance and estate taxes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does AXA Life have high ratings?

Equitable continuously earns high insurance ratings from A.M. Best - A, Standard & Poor's - A+, and Mood's Investors Service - A2.

Does AXA offer more than just Term insurance?

Equitable offers a comprehensive insurance and investment portfolio. Insurance products include Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Universal Life.

Does AXA offer IUL insurance?

Yes. Equitable offers an IUL with a Select Account option that links the cash account to the S&P 500. The policy also offers a Fixed Account option as well.

How can I get free and confidential quotes from AXA?

You can get quick and free life insurance quotes from Equitable by calling us at (866) 691-0100 or contacting us through our website.


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