Nearly one third of all Americans who enter the work force will become disabled before they retire. The culprits of these injuries do not fall to freak accidents on the job. In reality, back injuries, heart disease, cancer, and other injuries and illnesses are to blame. Like most Americans, you will probably not be prepared to deal with a disability that can lead to financial hardship. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the possibility of becoming disabled and learn how you can prevent this occurrence.

Disability Statistics

Disability can strike as an unwelcome hit that many people are not prepared for. The stress of loss of income can be overwhelming as you quickly exhaust your finances, savings, and even your retirement funds. Over half of all personal mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcies are the consequence from suffering a disability. Preparing a plan that will allow you to live comfortably, paycheck to paycheck, with extra money for emergencies can be accomplished.

Causes of Disability

Accidents and long-term illnesses can occur to anyone at anytime, resulting in a devastating disability. Common illnesses, including diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks make up the majority of long-term disabilities. Other significant causes include injuries, back pain, and arthritis. Many causes of disabilities are not work-related and therefore, are not covered by workers’ compensation. Various lifestyle choices can lead to these injuries and illnesses, such as obesity and other contributing factors.


Although not all illnesses and accidents that cause disabilities can be prevented, some can be eliminated or controlled when certain factors are present. With the early detection of certain illnesses, such as heart disease or cancer, certain treatments can be used to prevent future or related conditions. Injuries, illnesses, and potential conditions require a professional health assessment when symptoms occur. Routine visits to your doctor for emotional or physical issues are the first step to the prevention of disabilities.


Disabilities are never expected, but it’s important and smart to plan ahead for potential accidents or illnesses that could occur. Many people plan for these types of events by saving money or obtaining insurance. A disability can come in many forms whether it is a small injury or long-term illness. During this difficult phase in your life, it’s essential that you’re financially-secure and prepared to deal with this event for the benefit of yourself and your family.

Some people are born with disabilities while other acquires them through work-related accidents or lifestyle illnesses. With the proper knowledge, prevention, and planning information, those with disabilities and their family can control this life-changing event.