When it comes to staying healthy, there are many things you can do at home to make your living quarters friendlier for your body and well-being. Some of the major medical issues related to a residence has a lot to do with the air quality. A polluted atmosphere at home can result in myriad conditions, from colds or flu to simple congestion.

Today, we’ll look at ways you can boost the quality of the air in your house that are both easy to do and effective.

Simple steps you can take include:

Changing air filters more regularly – It’s easy to forget to swap out a dirty filter in your home ventilation system or air conditioner. Dust and other particulate pollutants can build up pretty quickly, so it’s important that you come up with some form of schedule to check them in case you forget. This tip is especially helpful for those who have asthma or other respiratory disorders or illnesses.

Growing plants – As you might remember from your high school biology class, plants absorb carbon dioxide – a common cause of poor air quality at home – and produce oxygen. By having a few plants around the house, you’ll not only add a bit of style to your residence, but breathe a little bit easier as well.

Sweep and clean often – Keeping up with the housework is a great method for keeping bad air out. Double-check the space beneath your couch, behind dressers or under rugs where dust accumulates the most. It also helps to open your windows during the day, allowing fresh breezes to purify the atmosphere in your home.

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