Office Work Breaking Your Back? 4 Tips to Alleviate Back Pain

Approximately four in 10 American workers hold white-collar jobs, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, meaning that 10s of millions of people sit in office chairs for hours each day. Since our bodies weren’t designed for this type of sedentary lifestyle, this...
A Real Life Disability Story – Back Injury

A Real Life Disability Story – Back Injury

  Rebecca, a 35-year old cardiologist was at the top of her career, until she injured her back while helping a friend move.  As a result of this injury, Rebecca was no longer able to perform her duties as a cardiologist, and as a 50% business partner of the...

Baby Boomers Underestimate Disability Insurance

More than 45 percent of Baby Boomers aren’t concerned about disability insurance, and a least one third of them believe they have less than a 5 percent possibility of experiencing a debilitating illness or injury. Statistics prove otherwise, showing the risk is...

Tips For Staying Safe On The Job

Back in May we wrote up some tips to help prevent the risk of disability in everyday life, but sometimes injuries that prevent us from working happen in the very place we earn a living. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2011, there were 117 cases of...
7 Holiday Safety Tips

7 Holiday Safety Tips

The Holidays are almost upon us and, for most, it’s a time of cheer and goodwill, etc.  However, it’s also a time of year when accidents, illnesses  and injuries occur that are directly related to the festivities.  As a public service, brings you the...

Take the Scare out of Halloween

As a website about disability insurance, we sometimes post articles about accident prevention.  In the spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween, we decided to direct our attention toward preventing accidents of children on this day.  “Children should be out having fun...

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Richard Reich

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Richard Reich CEO and Licensed agent

In my 20+ years as an independent life and disability insurance broker, I have personally assisted thousands of clients with their life and disability insurance needs.  Being independent, I represent many highly-rated insurance companies and, because I am not beholden to any one insurance company, my focus is to find the right company and policy for each individual client. I believe that when people shop for insurance (or anything else, for that matter) on the Internet, they are looking for a simple, non-intrusive, non-pressure method of doing so.  I strive to treat my prospective clients with the utmost respect and I believe an educated prospect can make the right decision without sales pressure. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.