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how health affects your life insurance rates

We are sorry to be the ones to break the news, but you are not going to live forever. This is one of the many reasons having life insurance is important to you and your family. You cannot control whether you die or not, but you can have a positive … Continue reading How your health affects your life insurance rates


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final expense life insurance

Actually, Final Expense Insurance is not a type of insurance product but a “purpose” for life insurance. What we mean by this is that when you buy final expense insurance, your policy is unlikely to have the term “Final Expense  Life Insurance” anywhere on the contract. You see, insurance is … Continue reading The Complete Guide to Final Expense Insurance


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A healthy lifestyle can improve your life insurance health classification

How can you improve your life insurance health classification?  If you have been following this blog, you have probably noticed that not all of our posts are about the subject of life insurance. We have recently included posts related to improving one’s health and lifestyles (that’s why we changed the … Continue reading Life Insurance Health Classification and your Health


life insurance real-life stories

Life insurance agents typically share hypothetical stories about how life insurance can save families from financial ruin following the death of a loved one.  Fortunately, many families have felt the real-life impact of life insurance after the death of a spouse, parent or other family member.  The real-life stories below … Continue reading Real-Life Impact of Life Insurance


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The thought of applying for and getting approved for life insurance initially seems like a daunting task. But today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Magnificent technological strides in life insurance industry have been made, allowing companies to create quick life insurance quotes specifically tailored to customers in minutes. … Continue reading The Life Insurance Approval Process: How Long Does it Take?


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final expense insurance frrom Mutual of Omaha

Currently one of the most recognized life insurance companies, Mutual of Omaha has dramatically increased its footprint since its founding in 1909. The company has dynamic name recognition and meets its customers’ expectations by offering outstanding rates on a variety of products and outstanding customer service and claims service. They … Continue reading Final Expense Insurance from Mutual of Omaha


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If you are one of the millions of smokers in the United States, affordable life insurance may seem like a difficult commodity to come by.  While you will experience a higher premium (often called a tobacco surcharge) or have a tobacco rating for your life insurance, this does not mean that … Continue reading Life Insurance for Smokers – What to Know


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This is a question we are asked quite often, typically when we are doing annual policy reviews with our clients. The answer isn’t so straight forward. You can’t “extend” the length of your policy, but there are a few great alternatives. When discussing a new term life insurance policy with … Continue reading Can I Extend My Term Life Insurance Policy?


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final expense insurance

If you want proof of how popular final expense life insurance has become, look no further than your TV screen. With Baby Boomers storming into the marketplace every month, the major insurance carriers are scrambling to make their company names relevant. If you are a senior and looking for final … Continue reading Top 5 Final Expense Insurance Companies in 2018


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what is term life insurance

Many families put off buying life insurance for various reasons. The excuses that come up are usually the same. Purchasing life insurance may not seem like a high priority at the moment, but life (and death) happens unexpectedly. When you put off getting life insurance, your family members are the … Continue reading Why People Put Off Buying Life Insurance (And Why They’re Wrong)