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How to file a life insurance claim

Talking about a life insurance policy can be a little awkward. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how much coverage you need, or if you or your spouse should get a policy. But it’s an important conversation to have – especially if you’re a listed beneficiary on someone’s policy. While … Continue reading How to File a Life Insurance Claim


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life insurance for children

You’ve no doubt seen commercials for child life insurance policies and may be wondering whether or not it is useful or appropriate to purchase one. We understand that death is a delicate issue, made even more sensitive when we bring our children into the discussion. Buying a child life insurance policy may … Continue reading Life Insurance for Children


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What should I do if my term life expires?

Once you discover life insurance does not cost as much as you anticipated, you’ll be even happier to know that there are certain steps you can take to make certain that you end up buying affordable life insurance. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to know those well-kept secrets that … Continue reading 5 Tips for Buying Affordable Life Insurance


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Tips for buying life insurance for college students

The cost of college has been increasing rapidly over the last decade and shows no sign of slowing down. There is currently $1.4 trillion in outstanding student debt, demonstrating just how much the costs of higher education have increased, and how many college students have to resort to borrowing in … Continue reading 6 Tips When Buying Life Insurance Coverage for Your College Child


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Life Insurance for pregnant women

When you become pregnant, you begin thinking about the world in a different way. Your whole world will soon change forever, and you want to ensure that your child is able to live in a safe environment. This includes your financial environment. Often times, we have people ask us the … Continue reading Can You Get Life Insurance if You’re Pregnant?


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Affordable life insurance

Is affordable life insurance possible? According to the 2017 Insurance Barometer, an annual report published by LIMRA (Life Insurance and market research association), there are only three reasons consistently reported by more than two-thirds of respondents each year regarding why people don’t buy life insurance: It’s too expensive. I have … Continue reading Affordable Life Insurance is Possible


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how health affects your life insurance rates

We are sorry to be the ones to break the news, but you are not going to live forever. This is one of the many reasons having life insurance is important to you and your family. You cannot control whether you die or not, but you can have a positive … Continue reading How your health affects your life insurance rates


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20-year term life insurance

The thought of applying for and getting approved for life insurance initially seems like a daunting task. But today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Magnificent technological strides in life insurance industry have been made, allowing companies to create quick life insurance quotes specifically tailored to customers in minutes. … Continue reading The Life Insurance Approval Process: How Long Does it Take?


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what is term life insurance

Many families put off buying life insurance for various reasons. The excuses that come up are usually the same. Purchasing life insurance may not seem like a high priority at the moment, but life (and death) happens unexpectedly. When you put off getting life insurance, your family members are the … Continue reading Why People Put Off Buying Life Insurance (And Why They’re Wrong)