Being a pragmatic holiday host: Ways to save money when guests are staying over

  • Nov-15-2012
  • Richard Reich

While this doesn’t happen to everyone, once in a while you will get to enjoy the experience of hosting your friends or relatives. This event becomes more common around the holidays as people gather for dinner, festive cheer and, of course, presents. It can be an extremely enjoyable time, but, like anything, the occasion could be a tiny bit expensive as well.

Today, we will look at some ways you can save money when people are visiting or staying with you. That way, when the holidays roll around, you are adequately prepared for their visit.

When getting ready to host people, you should:

Buy supplies early – Shopping ahead is always a smart move, and this situation is no exception. Stock up on spare toiletries, especially in bulk, so that you don’t have to run out for supplies during your guests’ visit.

Have fun on a budget – When your relatives are in town, they’ll no doubt want to go see the sights and enjoy some recreation time. While you don’t need to draw up an hourly schedule, it helps to check the newspaper or local websites to see what is going on around town. During the holiday season, there are plenty of inexpensive happenings to take part in, such as tree lightings, parades and community theater shows.

Remember to stay cool – Giving in to the stress of a family visit, believe or not, can cost you. If you start feeling anxious or worried, you might feel unwell, which will definitely impact your holiday season. The best way to approach stressors around this time is to take some deep breaths when necessary and remember that your loved ones don’t mean to cause a fuss when they’re staying over.

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