A New Development in Universal Life Insurance

  • Apr-18-2011
  • Richard Reich

There are several different types of permanent life insurance policies. One of the most widely used and trusted forms is universal life insurance. When it comes to universal life insurance, we provide two different types. The first type is the standard version of universal life insurance. With this version, the insurance company comes up with a projected premium, after it assumes an interest rate and the cost of insurance. However, this type of universal life insurance is not guaranteed to last a life time.

The performance of the standard version of universal life insurance relies on the insurance company’s projections to come through. If the actual performance differs from the projections, there may be higher premiums involved in the future, or worse, lower than expected monetary value, and worst of all, you could lose the policy altogether. With something as important as universal life insurance, this isn’t a risk you want to take. Fortunately, there is a second version of universal life insurance we offer.

The second version involves a “no-lapse” provision of the universal life insurance policy, which will guarantee that the policy  lasts your lifetime.  Our experts can tell you which universal life insurance life insurance companies offer this type of policy. Our experts will take your needs into consideration and will recommend the best universal life insurance policy for your needs.  This may or may not include lapse-protction, as we never take a cookie-cutter approach to life insurance.

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