A few laps for a longer life: How jogging makes you healthier

  • Oct-15-2012
  • Richard Reich
Jogging and health

Getting in shape doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym several times a week and exhausting yourself by doing squats or lifting weights. Good exercise comes from a consistent, semi-strenuous activity that is performed throughout the week. Doctors and fitness experts agree that you should diversify the methods of staying healthy, and almost always settle on one reliable choice: a daily jog.

The health benefits of going for a moderately paced run around the neighborhood include:

Better circulation – As we age, our bodies naturally atrophy over time. One of the most common effects of this process is the slow wearing-down of veins and arteries, which can lead to higher blood pressure and, in some cases, hypertension. When you run, your breathing and heart rate patterns change and, over time, the muscles in your body become stronger.

Lower weight – The simplest benefit is that, as you work out, you will lose weight. Not only will this improve your sense of personal well-being, but you will naturally feel better and more energetic.

Mental health stability – While jogging, you’ll most likely be taking deeper breaths in order to stay at a certain pace. When you do this, your blood vessels deliver this fresh oxygen throughout your brain. You may not realize it at first, but this alteration in your breathing pattern will actually help calm you down. By reducing stress, you take the pressure off your mind and are able to think more clearly.

After a few weeks of daily jogging – and getting over the sore muscles – you will notice a substantial change in how you feel. Regardless of health and fitness levels, however, it’s important to always be prepared for the unexpected. If you purchase an affordable life insurance policy from LifeInsure.com, your financial future will be secure.¬†And remember, the healthier you are, the lower your insurance rates.

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