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Insurance Websites and Personal Information

Shopping on Life Insurance Websites

If you do an Internet search for the terms “life insurance quotes,” “term life insurance quotes,” etc., you will find unlimited choices.   Online privacy has bee a hot topic lately, and rightly so.  If you’re looking for life insurance quotes online, how do you know the website you are choosing is secure and will keep your information private?

Here are a few things to look for when shopping online for life insurance:

  1. Does the Website have a privacy policy?  If not, I would move on to another site.  If so, read the section about what will be done with your personal information.  If the website was created solely for the purpose of selling leads (visitor information), they will most probably sell your information to one or several agents, who will all contact you to sell you a policy.
  2. Does the Website have a secure seal (VeriSign, Norton, Thawte, etc.)?  If it’s a valid seal (click it to read the company’s information), the company that operates the Website probably takes security seriously.
  3. Does the website ask for your personal information before they give you a quote?  While this factor, in itself, doesn’t suggest that the company operating this website will share your information with any other entity, you must know that your name, phone number, email address, etc. are not needed to provide you with a quote.

Types of Life Insurance Websites

You should also understand the types of life insurance websites that will pop up in your search and how they will most probably treat your information:

  • Insurance Company Websites
    Generally, if a life insurance company requests your information, they will either give it to one of their agents to contact you or, if they have in-house agents (most don’t), they will use your information to contact you themselves.  These companies generally have very strong privacy policies, so there’s probably no need to worry when you submit your information.
  • Lead-Generation Websites
    As I mentioned earlier, these sites collect your information and sell it to agents and brokers.  Some will only sell your information to a single agent, but many will sell your information up to 8 times.  Do you want your information being sent to this many entities?  While most of these agents are trustworthy people trying to earn a living, it’s still a risky proposition spreading your information around like that.
  • Agency or Broker Websites
    These are websites created by life insurance professionals to generate leads for their own staff of licensed representatives.  In most cases, your information stays in-house and will only be used for the purpose of generating quotes and/or getting your application processed.Within this category, there are those websites that require your personal contact information prior to letting you see quotes, and those that only ask for this information after you have see quotes and are ready to start the application process.  There are many fine companies operating websites using the former method, but only a handful ( included) that don’t ask for your information until you you are ready to apply for a policy.  For privacy purposes, this method is probably the better choice.

This information is not intended to scare you away from shopping for life insurance online.  Millions of people have done it without suffering any security problems.  However, in this day and age of identity theft, etc., this information should help to steer you away from any website (not only life insurance sites) that doesn’t work diligently to keep your information safe.

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