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We believe an informed consumer makes the right decisions without pressure from salespeople. We produced these life insurance videos so that you, the consumer, can easily gather information about this subject so you can easily make the right decision when it comes to this very important purchase.

Learn the basics of life insurance by watching these videos and then, if you need additional information, browse through the Education Center of this website to find the additional information you need. Of course, our licensed representatives can answer your questions any time. To speak with a representative, feel free to call 866-691-0100.

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How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary
life insurance beneficiary

Naming a life insurance beneficiary sounds like a pretty straightforward process. Simply pick one or a few of your dependent loved ones and that’s that, right? Well, not exactly. In the event of your death, you certainly want your benefits to go to the people you care about the most, … Continue reading How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

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10 Places to Visit Before You Die
The painted mountains

Unfortunately death comes for us all at some point, and since we’re never quite sure when, it’s important to get out and experience this beautiful crazy world while we still can. So here’s a quick list of 10 amazing places you absolutely have to see before you shuffle off this … Continue reading 10 Places to Visit Before You Die

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Donating Life Insurance
donating life insurance policy

You know that life insurance can protect your loved ones, but did you know it can also be donated to a charity or organization of your choice? Read more about donating life insurance. Taking out a life insurance policy is an excellent way of ensuring that family or loved ones … Continue reading Donating Life Insurance

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