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Why you should have Disability Insurance

Your ability to earn a living is what keeps you and your family living the lifestyle you have worked so hard to create. So, why not take the extra step of protecting your income with disability insurance?  If you are ill or injured, your ability to earn an income might be severely impacted. Missing more than a few weeks of work could force you to fall behind on your family’s mortgage, car insurance, health insurance, your children’s education, and your savings for retirement.  Imagine what the impact of being unable to work for months or years would have on your life.  With disability insurance, you can replace up to 60% of your regular income if, due to illness or injury, you’re unable to work. Be responsible with your finances and get a free quote today!

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Long-Term Disability Insurance Vs. Short-Term Disability Insurance

As you begin searching for a policy, you’ll run across long-term disability insurance and short-term disability insurance. A short-term policy can supply you with up to 60% of your normal income for a few months or up to a year. This type of policy might come in handy if you’re suffering from a temporary illness or injury.  However, most short-term policies are issued for large employer groups.

A long-term disability insurance policy, on the other hand, can replace up to 60% of your income until age 65 or 67. For this reason,  the premiums for these types of policies are generally more expensive than short-term disability insurance policies.  Is the peace of mind of knowing that you will still be able to earn a living if you become terminally ill or permanently disabled worth the cost?  We think so.

Own-Occupation Disability Insurance Vs. Any-Occupation Disability Insurance

Another choice that you’ll have to make is between own-occupation disability insurance and any-occupation disability insurance. Own-occupation disability insurance protects your ability to earn a living if, due to illness or injury, you are unable to perform the usual and customary duties of your own occupation. If you’re a physician or dentist, a minor injury could put your once-promising career on hold indefinitely. With own-occupation disability insurance, you can expect to replace  up to 60% of your current income (tax-free in most cases), even if you’re still healthy enough to work another, lower-paying job.  This is not true of any-occupation disability insurance. With this type of policy, you will only receive benefits if you are too sick or injured to work in any occupation.

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